Preschool education

Table of contents
1 Importance of Preschool Education
2 Developmental Stages
3 Preschoolers average abilities

Importance of Preschool Education

Preschool is ranged from four to five years of age. This is the age between toddlers and school age children. The Preschool age is when a child learns very rapidly, they pick up all information that is around them and are very interested in everything. The developmental stages for a child, really starts to expand and grow in the preschool age. These are all reasons why the education to a preschooler is very important.

Developmental Stages

There are three different stages of development for all ages of children. Social / Emotional Development, that is involving the development of feeling and affection. Cognitive Development is the development of the mind and memory. Finally Physical Development, the growth of your body and strength.

Preschoolers average abilities

At the age of four the practice of vocabulary and grammar starts to become very important. For four and five year olds the average vocabulary span is between 1500 and 2000 words. In this age group, education wise, curriculum should focus on past tenses and pronouns of words. One word concept that becomes very confusing to the preschool age students is Literal Statements. Literal Statements are those phrases that explain something but not realistically. An example is “When pigs fly”; if you say this preschooler would picture a pig actually flying. Mathematic skills are also coming into effect a lot at this age. Preschoolers begin to recognize numbers better and understand the concept of numbers and what they’re used for. Rote Counting is very popular in a curriculum for this age. Rote Counting is being able to recite numbers in their proper order. For the physical development of preschoolers their curriculum should include more challenging activities. They like to do more things on their own. They love to help with anything they can, and have responsibility. At this age their coordination has improved a lot and body proportions have changed. Simple hygiene is also able to be their responsibility.

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