Survival horror game

The Survival Horror Game is a genre of video game in which the player has to survive an onslaught of undead or creepy opponents, usually in claustrophobic environments in a third-person perspective. Horror movie elements are used liberally. The player is armed, but not nearly as well-armed as the player in a first-person shooter game. The player's goal is generally to escape from an isolated house or town that is inhabited mostly by zombies and monsters through shooting and puzzle solving. Some popular survival horror games include:

The name Survival Horror probably came from "Enter the survival horror...", a line of text displayed by the first Resident Evil while the game was loading.

Alone in the Dark (1993) is considered to be the first survival horror title, though some feel that Transylvania on the Apple II (1986) is the father of the genre. Since then the genre has seen several arrivals, including the above, also Parasite Eve, Dino Crisis and the Blair Witch Project.

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