ZSNES is an acclaimed emulator for video games made to run on the Super Famicom and/or the Super NES (SNES for short). It was developed by anonymous programmers, and was first released on the Internet in 1997. One of the programmers resigned in 2001, because of the death of his father.

ZSNES has several capabilities which its Super Famicom and Super Nintendo counterparts did not have; it can "smooth" the appearance of the screen through a variety of anti-aliasing schemes, variable-width fonts, and it has a better quality of sound output than the original console systems. In addition, it can create screenshots of games, it can "save" the game at any point by recording the game state, and it can capture sound files, saving them as SPC700 sound format files which can be read by an external player or a specialized Winamp plugin, such as Alpha-II SPC player.

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